Is this girl a rebound and will we get back together?

My boyfriend nd I of 5 years recently broke up in early december. We broke up on a Friday after a huge fight and he met this new girl the next night(Saturday)! Since then it developed into a relationship and they have been dating now for about 4 months! He even took her on the vacation him and I were supposed to go on in march..He has called me a few times asking to meet up with him in the earlier months and I said no because I didn't want to give in and I also started talking to someone. He also called me on my birthday on feb 28th and told me he still loved me and thought about me when he was sleeping with her. I recently gave in and msged him on facebook and told him I missed him and the next day I waas blocked(prob due to his girlfriend seeing this msg) ...bc a few days later I was unblocked! now there has been no contact for about a month and I Haven't heard from him? What should I do, I still think about him almost everyday and still do love him. It has to be a rebound if it happened so soon but why is it lasting still ?

We fought a lot during the last year of the relationship but we did truly love each other, we were both very jealous and I have already heard through the grapevine that they are crazy jealous over each other as well can he love this grl so soon after me? how do I try and get him back?
in the past year we were already thinking about getting married and had been looking for a house within the past few last months we were together...he also has a 5 year old son that practically thought of me as his own mother and he already introduced the new girl to him within the 1st month? how could he replc me like that so soon, he tells me his son still asks about me


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  • Though I do believe there is such thing as rebounding, that is up to the people in the relationship, not you. My fiancee started dating me about a week after he broke up with a girl he dated for over 3 years. We have been engaged for about a year now and he never showed any interest in going back to his ex. In the beginning I really feared that I was just his 'rebound girl'. His ex STILL stalks him, drives by the house, sends messages, etc... he is polite and responds as long as she is not innapropriate, but really wishes she would just go away. He is a bit like me and just feels bad for breaking hearts.

    I'm not trying to make you give up hope, but regardless of whether or not he is just in a rebound relationship, that is up to him. If you really do care about him, you will respect his relationship with this new woman. If he is happy, you should be happy, that is mature love. You already let him know how you felt, now let it go, if he wants to come back to you he will. The best you can do right now, is be there as a friend if he calls on you.

    • im glad you 2 are happy and you are right in a lot of ways..however, I truly believe if she would have just left him alone, things might have been different. If he had time to actually miss her then you never know..but her continuously stalking him just pushed him running into your arms...I do not stalk nor would ever and for the most part have had no contact and throughout their whole relationship he has called me every month telling me he still loves me and is confused and depressed..

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    • I'm sorry, I know how it can feel to love someone and not have it returned. Then seeing that someone with a new lover can really add the icing onto the hurt cake. My advice isn't meant to be mean and I totally understand. Only time and some maturity on his side is going to fix the issue, until then I think you are better off staying away. It takes some self dicipline, but through my own experience it is the only thing that woks.

    • yeah your gets easier every day for whole life has just changed, everything in my life involved him, we were together 24/7 since I was a teenager ya know? but I am just going to wait and see how it all plays out, if iits meant to be maybe well meet in the future.

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  • If you and him are meant to get to back together, you will if you aren't you won't !


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  • How did everything play out? It's been 8 months or so from what I can see. This is basically what is happening to me right now but I am only about a month out of the relationship and he has been with this new girl for about 2 weeks. He doesn't tell me he loves me or misses me but he texts me and wants to be friends and stuff like that. But everyone I know thinks he will change his mind and realize he made a huge mistake, even his family.