What the differene between kisses?

What's the difference between kissing passionately, just kissing or kissing with the intent of sex? Like how do you know the difference when someone is kissing you?


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  • i kiss with passion no mater what, I'm a passionate guy.

    i'll kiss your neck, go down to your cleavage, come back to your neck and your jaw and kiss your lips again. I've been told I'm a good kisser, but not enough for me to be sure...

    if I love the girl tho, I'll be gentler and more passionate still.

    i made my ex moan just from kissing on her hehe


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  • no difference.

    • Really because one of my guy friends kissed me recently and it felt more emotional than eager for sex.

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    • Because I want to know if I'm reading to much into it or if there is actually a difference.

    • For me, a passionate make out session can always lead to more. But it doesn't have to.

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  • when someone is kissing you out of love for you its usually not as rough and sometimes more rough...things start to get a little more heated (obviously) when its headed towards sex...

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