What kind of women pursue men like this?

Assuming a guy has his life together and he's decent looking and meets her other criteria for a man. But the man doesn't pursue a relationship with a woman because he is busy, quiet or just not actively looking for a relationship? Or do most women always expect a man to make the first move?


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  • My friend, I will not lie to you. During the early times of flirting, dating, and starting romantic relationships, it was very chivalrous for the man to make the first move on a woman since men are described as aggressive. I think most women do expect and believe that men should make the first move, but then again I could be wrong. The man could not pursue a relationship with a woman because the man is nervous, not confident within himself, and shy. The man could not pursue a relationship also because he is really focused on achieving a great goal like graduating from college or that his job is very time-consuming and dedicating. The man might also not pursue a relationship with a woman because the man could have just got out of a relationship and might still need time to heal and get over his former lover. Hope my advice can help you my friend and best of luck in your future endeavors, both romantic and non-romantic.

    • Yes, but chivalry was replaced because feminism said that women don't need special treatment any more and women aren't to ask for their parent's permission or to have traditional courtship practices. These have been gone since at least the 1960s if not earlier.

      Therefore, from a modern or gender egalitarian point of view, there is no logical basis for why a man should be expected to pursue a woman.

      So my answer to this is: Why should I have to? Is it any more or less valid for a man to expect

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  • I do think a lot of women expect men to make the first move. I think that's because its what they were lead to believe when growing up. Its what was passed down to them from their mothers in terms of how they should act.

    But things are changing. I myself have approached guys in the past and made the first move. And its becoming increasingly more common with younger girls to do it these days.

    But there's no need to be so bitter about it. If you don't like approaching girls, then don't do it. Make yourself open, approachable, and friendly, and they will come to you, perhaps not straight away. But it will happen.

    • The other problem I have is that my standards are absurdly high. Women do approach me from time to time, but I live a very reclusive life. I think my soul is constipated.

    • Well that problem is easily solved. Next time a woman approaches you, before you shoot her down, stop and think about it. And maybe give her a chance? What do you have to lose?

    • Well, if she's hot I will give her a chance. But I'd rather be single and die alone than end up with any ugly or fat woman or single mother

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  • If you like a girl and want to increase the chances of starting a romantic relationship with her, then you should make the first move. That will take the pressure off of you and put the pressure onto her. She'll know why your intentions and feelings are and then she be the one thinking about what she should do. If you think that the girl you like will make the first move on you then you shouldn't be afraid to wait. However, if you think that the girl you like might not know that you like her and want to start a romantic relationship with her, then it might be a good idea to let her know. The choice is ultimately up to you. Hope my advice helps and best of luck with whatever decision you make.