To short for a long prom dress?

so I was planning on going dress shopping this weekend for a prom dress, and I wanted to get a long one. My best friend told me I was too short for a long one and it would make me look even shorter, and kinda stalky:/

i'm 5'3,and 124 pounds, is that really too short for a long prom dress? would I look "Stalky"?

  • Get a long one, it will look fine.
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  • Your friend is right, get a short one.
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i was thinking something like this

thanks for your inputs, I got a long one:)


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  • You'll look fine. Also, they can make adjustments to the dress if necessary. At our school for junior prom most girls wear short dresses and senior ball most wear long dresses, and both seem to work fine for everyone, whether short or tall.


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  • you want to stick with long for prom. its a classier event than homecoming or any other dance. long=classy. tell you're friend she doesn't know what she's talking about. lol. by the way, reds my favorite color and my prom date did the same type of dress. :)

  • Your friend sucks.

    • bahaha yeah, sometimes she does

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    • np. I bet she's just not a really good friend and doesn't want you upstaging her. You women seem to be weird like that, hah.

    • bahaha, yeah that's why I put the question on here, to see if she was just being dumb or for real:P Women are weird like that lol

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  • I'm not really an expert on dresses but I'm sure there are long ones made for short people somewhere, if not then just try some on and see how they look. Don't let anyone tell you what not to wear, have fun and good luck with your dress :)