How to figure out to kiss a girl and not be awkward?

Well I should say I have kissed a girl before, but technically she was the one who kissed me. It wasn't even going to first base. So now I am with a different girl and it's like what the hell do I do. I want to kiss her, but trying to figure out how to do it without:

1.) Being awkward?

2.) Getting over the damn fear and making the jump?

Because at my age I should already know how and what to do this, but I don't. I know it is possible just need a little guidance.


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  • Well, if you really want to kiss the girl that you like then all you really have to do is find a nice place or time to kiss her when appropriate and then have the confidence to kiss her. Try to get close to her, say maybe face level or to the point where you can directly look into her eyes. Remember that no kiss is awkward. A kiss is kiss. You just have to go 90% of the distance and let her go 10% of the distance (got that from the movie "HITCH"). Then close your eyes when you're kissing her and think of something positive (like the girl you're kissing).

    However, if just want to kiss her with great passion, just grab her and kiss her with a great lip lock. This time you go the full 100% of the distance. Try to kiss her like you're absolutely never going to see her again. Also, if try to kiss her and the attempt collapses, don't feel embarrassed about it. Just laugh it off and try it again straight away. Remember, no kiss is awkward. I hope my advice can help you out somehow and best of luck with your romantic situation!


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  • 1.) find a place where you two will be alone.

    2.) calm down, try to make her laugh, be nice to her

    3.) start touching her - you´ll see if she´s OK with it, if so...

    4.) whisper a secret to her ear ... or if you are confident enough hold her face and lead it against yours

    5.) if she looks confused say "kiss me" and go for it...

    Never ask girl if you could kiss her!

    Girls like guys who know what they want and they go for it more than shy guys who need to be pushed to do things.


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  • Thanks for awarding me with the best answer! I hope my advice as well as "ZuzitheBEAST's" advice can help you out as well and good luck with your new lady! Go get her! :)