My inquiries on physical contact. When & How?

I'm Ticklish: So... Yah, this isn't something I usually admit because as soon as I tell people, what do they do? BAM! Tickle me. But y'all can't do that so we're good.

Something I should expound on is that I'm extremely Ticklish, infact, I can tickle myself to the ground unable to breathe from laughter. Not sure if my brains busted or if it's some phycological thing, but yah. Luckily, it's only really the armpit area that's like that, but even my knees are quite ticklish. This one time, I was in a car with some friends and in the middle seat. The two friends sitting next to me both stated tickling me for a while until I finally passed out. Yah, kinda embarrassing (btw they felt really bad about that and never did it again, cause tbh it's kinda wierd)

My first set of questions- Is it normal to be this Ticklish? Especially as a man? Is this a turn off for woman? Does this weird you out? Include any other thoughts on this.
The next subject is extremely relevant

Hug/snuggle/cuddle: Now wait! I actually really like hugs, and for some reason they don't tickle all to much at all really. The problem is my lack of experience with hugs cause my family hates hugs, except my mother does tolerate it but that's besides the point. But one of my fears with woman is that imma hug em wrong and they will get mad at me or something, so I've got questions.

When is a good time to hug or snuggle? What's the difference between a hug and a snuggle? Snuggle/cuddle, what's the difference? Which is better? As a guy, can I initiate a snuggle? Who leans on who? How long do you hug/snuggle a woman for? Anwser all of these assuming a romantic relationship is already in place, I already know the hugging etiquette for friends that are girls or family.
Sorry for the silly questions but they are legitimate

Kiss: I have no idea what I'm doing, my lips are dry, cracked and I pick at them a lot cause of my nerves.
I should probably do a forhead kiss first. I don't know.

Thanks for anwers!
My inquiries on physical contact. When & How?
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My inquiries on physical contact. When & How?
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