Black female dating an Arabic guy who comes from Wealthy family. Will this last? What should I do?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for over a year now. We met on tinder whilst we were both at uni. During our dates early on he failed to mention he came from a wealthy family. I knew he went to a boarding school which is quite pricey so I suspected middle class but I never fully understood the extent of the wealth within the family. I come from a working class family. My parents are both university educated and they have decent jobs but sometimes growing up we lived on pay check to pay check.
My boyfriend once introduced me to his ‘second’ family and they were very snobby. They kept indirectly implying I was a gold digger and I was using him for his money. This bothered me a lot. Nonetheless I realised they werent technically related to him so their opinions were irrelevant and I ignored it. My boyfriend has also told his parents about me and he keeps trying to arrange for us all to meet when they visit but I always politely decline. I just feel deep down they will not be fine with me being black let alone poor. They already know I’m black and I think they are just hoping this is just a phase in their son’s life. Also, boyfriend works a decent graduate job and I’m just about to start a job within an investment bank. His dad recently called him and during the conversation he expressed how excited he was that his son was learning so much and he can’t wait for him to use his skills when he takes over the family business. This was surprising as my boyfriend has expressed he has no intention of taking over the family business (located in the Middle East) but last night he said if it came to it he will. This is worrying for me as I will not move to the Middle East. As a black female I don’t think bringing my children up there is a good choice. Also, if he does take over the business then he will definitely marry someone who has been chosen by the family. What should I do?
Black female dating an Arabic guy who comes from Wealthy family. Will this last? What should I do?
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