I need to know if this is a rebound.

My ex and I have now been broken up for 4 months. He broke up with me. I know he has started seeing someone. I mutual friend told me and I don't know if it is a boyfriend/girlfriend type or thing or what it is. I cut all contact off with him.

I have seen a pic of this girl and she is nothing like me. Okay let's just say it looks like she was the first girl he found and is settling with what he found. That is what it looks like. She has added a few of our mutual friends already to facebook in a matter of a couple weeks. I know she is the one adding them and they are accepting. She also took a pic of them two and tagged him in it. The picture looks awkward. She is standing in front of him with a serious face and he has a big fake smile on his face.

Okay I am going to be honest, I do have some self-esteem issues, but I am a pretty good looking girl. People think it's odd that I am self-conscious, but it's just something I have grown up with.

Guys I need some answers here please. Do you think she is a rebound? Girls feel free to answer as well!

One more thing I would like to add is, some of his friends have recently gotten rid of their long-term girlfriends girls and are now seeing new girls. For some reason I think his best friend influences him in these ways. He is a two-timer.
Sorry, I meant to say we dated for a year and a half.


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  • lets take into the account the time period of when he got into this new relationship.a rebound would be around 1-3 months judging on how badly he was hurt.the deeper the hurt the faster the time.and what kickrocklosers said is true.the girl might not neccessary be uglier/prettier than you to be considered as a rebound.its what he thinks of her that matters.

    for the frens factor, yes definitely he might have influenced ur ex in a couple of ways namely the fast switch of gfs but dun be too quick to pass judgement on him!it is not neccessarily his fault.

    right now there is no clear evidence to show if the girlfriend is a rebound or not.however the way she shamelessly adds new frens even when she jus met them is rather weird.i would personally consider that despo.(which leans towards rebound-wise)

    and yes.a reason why you 2 broke up might shed some light onto this whole situation:D

    • I was upset he was getting too busy for me. He told me he would only get busier. He also said I definitely do want you and I definitely do love you the day before we broke up. We rarely said "I love you". We only started to say it 2 months prior to the break-up and we dated for 1 and half. I thought this meant we were making progress. Confusing....

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    • Work and he was trying to get in to school, which after we broke up he didn't get in to school and he lost his job. He also moved to a different city, which he was originally planning to do. He was the one to first bring up the "I love you". We admitted that we were just always too afraid to say it. I guess afraid of the possibility of rejection. I don't know..I initiated the topic of him becoming too busy and he is the one who agreed and ended it with me.

    • Thats a valid reason actually...i can see no way you could have prevented that..unless he said that and his actions and behavior were otherwise..ok I think its time you should let go of him already..i can sense that he is quite over u..sorry

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  • Usually the first person dated after a break-up is a rebound. The question I would ask is the reason for your break-up. If he wanted to see other people, then he may have already moved on emotionally. If you always let your insecurities show too much, then that may be the sole reason for dating a homely girl. Beautiful, insecure girl versus confident, homely girl does not necessarily equal rebound. Maybe he wanted something different.

    FYI-All future girls he dates do not have to measure up to your beauty.'beauty is in the eye of the beholder.' They don't have to be as smart, pretty, funny or similar. Take it easy on your thoughts of the 'new girl' she really doesn't matter. Here's why.He may date thousands of other women, they may be totally different from you and that's okay. Hopefully you would want to date a different guy and improve upon the last. If he wanted to be with you, he would be with you. Guys don't really try to make girls jealous, especially with a less attractive girl. Maybe it's time for you to meet some new guys. Try to have fun, because you should.he is.


    • Yes that's true, I guess it is a little shallow to judge by looks, but it's also her actions. She has been tagging him in pictures and adding our mutual friends who she JUST met. It just seems so quick. We were together for almost 2 years. It seems like she has become a replacement. And the thing is, I was realllly good to him. Not insecure all the time, but it would show at times.

      The reason for the break-up was he was very busy and thought he would just become busier.

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