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Do you think his feelings are real?

This guy I've been seeing for a few months told me he loved me and almost every time we talk on the phone he tells me he loves me and I would tell him I just really appreciate him and I slipped up once and now when he tells me he loves me he's like "I know you love me" it just takes time etc. He has also said things like
"You're perfect"
"I will always love you "
"I am not going anywhere/ you can't get rid of me that easily"
"I care about you"
"We will get through this together/ work on your insecurities together"
"I will be here through thick and thin"
"I can see myself marrying you"

We have talked about our future together, kids, marriage etc. He sees himself marrying me. He has opened up to me about something personal. He told me that he "doesn't like people" and he's friendly to everyone but can be rude/says whats on his mind and doesn't hold back. He told me he wouldn't want to hurt my feelings and have to think what he's going to say and said its because its me. He has paid on our dates/ walked me to my car. Sometimes he would hold the door for me. He has complimented me a lot. Things like that.
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Do you think his feelings are real?
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