Am I just being weird or is there a reason I feel this way?

I've been talking to this guy for a few months, he's a very sweet and attractive guy. Lately, we've been talking every single day. The past few days we've texted nonstop. I've never met him in person before, but I'm not dumb, I know better than to meet him alone in a secluded area...

We even talked about if things go really well, we'd like to start dating, BUT for some reason as of today, I've been feeling really weird about it. We made plans to hang out next weekend since he's off from school. We have a ton of stuff in common and there's nothing wrong with him (that I know of)... Should I be this nervous or feel weird about it? I just need some second opinions, thanks!


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  • No, there's nothing wrong with feeling weird... you've never met him in person! It's a good to be a little wary, that means you have common sense. Just try to restrict it to just hanging out activities for now.