Haven't heard from him, am I being too cool with him?

i went on a date with this guy on Friday (two days ago) we had a really nice time. He text the next day and said the same and asked if I wanted to take things further. I know this guy from years ago but Haven't seem him for 16 years. So he is not a total stranger. he says he really likes me and kind of hinted at me me being his girlfriend. I played it cool making a joke that he had fallen for me already. He asked me to tell him truthfully how I felt. I replied with I like you and would like to see you again'. he returned my text with 'good, hopefully it will turn into something more'. Today (Sunday) I haven't heard a thing from him! Have I been too cool with him?


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  • You're wrong. This was 16 years ago, he IS a total stranger.

    Also, it's been 48 hours, don't get overly giddy but if your age is truly reflected just say "hi", you're not a teen so I expect you to take these matters into your own hands if you really want success.

    • fair comment :) I might leave it a bit longer to see if he gets in touch

  • Jill, is that you?


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