Just hanging out but he offers to pay for stuff?

if a guy offers to pay for your food or gas money for driving is he interested or just being polite?


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  • if you are driving the both of you to places then it's OK for him to offer petrol money or contribute to it, or to get your meal instead of offering you money for the travel.

    if this is not the case, then no it's not OK for him to pay for everything - a contribution or alternate sharing of costs is fine. if he was driving you would expect to do the same. it is most certainly a courtesy, but if it bothers you then say soemthing sooner rather than later or it will get harder to address later on.

    however if it is a case of he earns a lot more than you do and he knows this, then why not politely mention that it doesn't sit right with you for him to pay fully, and you should look to agree a plan for meeting these costs fairly.

    he's probably not wanting to be a burden on you, in my experience though men expect to get something in return for their expenses whether it is obvious now or not.

    it depends on how comfortable you are accepting the gesture.


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  • Usually it means he likes you and is interesed in you, but there's not really much information to go on. still though that's what it usually means

  • no link between him paying and being interested

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