Why hasn't he called or texted? Is he worth it really?

Ive been dating this guy for 4 months and he hardly ever calls or never returns any of my text messages and he told me that he truly does love me and he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. Is that a bunch of bull sh*t or does he really mean it. I mean whenever I talk of him my eyes glisten I get this glow on my face and I'm just wandering if its worth it is he worth it.. I mean when I first met him the second time around I knew he would be the one. why hasn't he called or texted he used to do it all the time but now he never does what gives.


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  • well I hate to tell you but if he is not calling you odds are he's not as interested as it seems like you are in him. I would keep talking to him but keep my options open if I were you. Unless he has legit reasons for not returning calls or texts.

    • He does have legit reasons. but I don't know what they are hest s just busy 24 7.