Dating someone from a different religion?

this guy claims to be really into me. I'm pretty sure he believes in Islam and I'm not very religious... I don't know if I should believe that he says he likes me because it seems silly that he would waste his time on me, someone with completely different beliefs as him who his family and friends might not approve of.

and then there's the whole sex issue. I don't know if we would ever be able to be intimate that way. I'm not completely sure as to how it works in his religion but I'm pretty sure he isn't supposed to have sex out of wedlock.

there are so many things making our potential relationship complicated and confusing.

it would be nice if someone could clarify for me if it would even be possible to date him and the whole sex before marriage issue. is it worth it?



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  • Ok. Like Christianity and Judaism there are taboos about sexin before marriage but how many Jews and Christians do you know that have sex before mariage..Exactly. And the Muslim religion does not have a problem with Judaism or Christianity they believe that if they do not commit shirk (worshiping of anything or anyone other than God) then they will go to heaven. But what is important is that Islam recognize Judaism and Christianity as valid religions. If you really like or love him it shouldn't matter what his religion is. and you can cross the sex bridge when you come to it. If I were you I would date him and kind of test the waters to actually see what he belives Because like in any religion one person can be uber traditional and the next totally not. I mean my familie Catholic and my mom goes maybe for holidays and others go to church faithfully everyday. So it truly depends on the person. Hope this helps :)


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  • I'm a muslim...the cool and open mind kinda a guy...anyway I would be careful about certain kinds of Muslims...I'm not tryin to be a bad person but seriously if he wants to have sex with you then he only wants to use Islam, Christianity, and Judaism ur suppose to wait until advice would be to find out more about him and his true intentions. It happens all the want to lose thier virginity but then want thier wives to be virgins...I'm not saying all muslims are like that but you must be careful


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  • 1. Just because he's potentially Islamic doesn't mean that he's going to be completely and totally against or unable to date someone who is either non-religious or of a different religion. The same goes for someone of any religion. And as far as his family goes, you just have to find out exactly how religious they are. They might be totally fine with him dating you. And if they're not, that shouldn't completely stop you from trying to date him and gain acceptance from his family somehow.

    2. Most religions have rules against having sex out of wedlock. Most people I know also ignore those rules or call themselves (insert religion of choice here) but don't strictly practice. And even if he is waiting for marriage, is that something that would be a problem for you? Its hard to tell where you stand from how you phrased it.

    3. What things exactly, are making this complicated besides the two points you already mentioned?

    • to answer #2: I don't want to call it a problem but it would be uncomfortable. I know that there is more to a relationship than sex, but that physical connection is nice.

      #3: well he goes to school in another country so there's the long distance thing. and we're at that stage where we're I don't know whether we should be classified as friends or more. I find it hard to read him a lot of the time.

    • 2. Alright. Well, as I said, he might be fine with having sex before marriage. You won't really know until you ask him about it.

      3. Ahhh. See, I would say this is probably going to be your biggest problem. I assume you're far enough away from each other that seeing each other isn't often an option. Long distance relationships need really serious commitment. I just got out of one this January because we were having a really hard time not being able to see one another much. But, they CAN work.

  • I'm not exactly sure of all the rules of Islam, but I have been in a similar situation for about a year and a half. My boyfriend was raised very christian, and I am an atheist. Sometimes it causes problems, and I don't think his parents know that I am atheist but its worked out okay so far. All you can really do is give it a try. I'm not really sure what you mean by would it be possible to date him. If it doesn't work out, that sucks, but its life. You'll find someone eventually.

    If you really like him though, give it a try. Ask him to explain his belief system to you so you can understand exactly what is and isn't acceptable.

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