Is this just a rebound? Did I boost his ego on too much?

Well it hasn't been a month since my boyfriend of one year broke up with me...but a few days after we broke up he said he still had feelings for me...but also feelings for another girl. I have to admit I was desperate and needy...and cried a lot when we broke up. I just couldn't control it. :\

He told me that the girl he liked was just a "stupid crush" and he even said "YOU know how loooonnng it takes me to ask out a girl! I don't even want to date again until I find out why I do the things I did to you during our relationship! I just want to stay single!" and now I've heard that he might ask her out during a trip and they spend every waking moment together at school. (By the way, I go to a different high school but we used to go to the same one)

I just don't get it. I feel like he's changed. He's already planning on asking out a new girl..?!?! It hasn't even been a month since the break up! He lead me on and kissed me even after the break up! and now he's all of a sudden just fine? He's not the same anymore either...if this was last year..he wouldn't even think twice about asking out ANY GIRL...and now he's thinking of asking out an UPPER classmen?! It's just so strange.

I feel like I did a lot to make him get so much confidence...I cried so much and made him feel like he was the most desirable guy in the world..and I made a mistake..and now I just feel like crap to know he's already moving on...or do you guys this is just a rebound?! I've talked to him and he said that the girl he has a "crush" on also just had a recent break-up with her boyfriend...UGH are they just rebounding off of each other...this is making me so angry and miserable...I just don't understand...:\


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  • I'm so sorry... I feel so bad... But to tell you the truth he's not worth your tears I know how it feels to lose the love of your life but if he's just playing games with you.. I would just forget about him and move on meet other people it will be hard at first but I'm sure you'll forget that you even dated him... Like I said.. He's not worth your tears... Hope I helped :)