Why women make dating so complicated for men?

I mean you have to jump all of these hoops and all of these tests before she likes you and the tests don't stop there they keep going into the relationship. I mean I am a nice guy and all, but I always get stuck in those stupid hoops and ended up doing nothing or getting stuck or not going anywhere, even if I genuinely liked her.

I mean it is hard enough being the chaser and opening up, but then women make things even more complicated than they need to be. They say you just need confidence and opening up, but experience tells me otherwise.


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  • Well then you are looking for the wrong women if you keep going through the same problems. Every woman is different. I am very easy to get along with, I am simple. I let guys do whatever they want, if they impress me, good, if they don't appease me then time to look again.

    • woooo you do have a very high sense of entitlement do you geezzz, I feel bad your for your boyfriend or whoever will be your boyfriend too.

    • Well I am not going to be with them if I don't love them now will I? That would just be stupid. I have been with my boyfriend for 2 years now and he loves me to death. So maybe you took what I said into the wrong perspective. Stop thinking so negative. I agree with kkandbb, its natural for us to try to find the right mate to help us raise our children. So far I feel bad who would ever date YOU because you have absolutely no knowledge of women, that's why you keep having these problems.

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  • Because, just like guys say it's natural for them to look at other women for evolutionary reasons, women test for evolutionary reasons. A woman wants to find a stable man that won't cheat on her. She tests to see if you're the best suitor. If you're not she'll find someone that will look after her and her young.

    • And just like women say to men... bs. : )

    • hahaha exactly. But if men use that line I think women should be able to use this one :P

    • how does playing games and testing make him a sutable mate? I don't understand why women think that players don't know how to get past through those tests.

  • Hm, you make it complicated for us too haha

    • How so? we are so easy to figure out its not even funny, you just like to make things more complicated that they need to be.

  • what sort of hoops and tests do you mean? what are some examples?


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