What's the deal?! A girl I don't know asks me out, we texted a bit and now she won't respond?

Do girls ever ask guys out just for the heck of it? For a sport? For fun? Just to see if they can get the guy or not? This happened to me at the grocery store. I started chatting with this one girl and she asked me out! So I got her number. that night we texted each other for a bit, and we agreed to hang out on a date. but then she cancelled saying something came up and sorry. So half a week later, I took the initiative to phone her again, but she didn't pick up, so I left a message. It's been about a week now and she hasn't called back. I mean, what's the deal here? She asks me out and then ditches me? I'm just so confused and want to know what's in a girl's mind?! Why are you fooling around with a guy's heart?!


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  • Guys do this all the time, don't be so hurt or confused when people flake out.

    Sometimes if I'm out and looking to relax, I'll flirt with a girl and maybe get her number without any intent on calling her or taking her on a date. I do this because I'm a student and during the week I'm stressed and usually don't have the motive or emotional stemina to meet someone new. Maybe after 2 weeks to a month I'll give her a ring but I don't expect much of her to come out.

    She probably liked that you were giving her attention but now that she's back in her day to day routine, she's just not interested or is too busy to meet someone.

    Just brush it off and move forward, if she calls then great, if not. there's plenty elsewhere.

  • She flaked out on you. Happens all the time.

    Move on.

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