How to know if I am flirting?

Okay a lot of my dates end up with me going home by myself and not getting anything. I have never had a girlfriend and still a virgin. One thing is a girl has kissed me but she kissed me, and I mentioned it (practically asked her if she wasn't going to kiss me) and she did. Even then it was not first base. So this other girl I am afraid that she will know that I don't know how to kiss and that I am scared to kiss her.

But the point is I don't know if I am doing the right thing like if I am flirting right or not. Much less even going in for a kiss. Every sees me as the comedian type of person. But I know that when I am not joking around I am quiet and don't have much to say. Even around girls that I think are cute I won't approach them, because of me being the quiet, shy type.


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  • Only you can tell if your flirting lol and everyone flirts in a differant way..

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