17 year old girl in love with a 42 year old man!?

Okay this friend of mind, she really is some immature girl who had a crush on me, is trying to get married to a 42 year old man. This guy is going through a divorce (or says he plans to for her) and has some financial problems, and is trying to hook up with my "friend".

I think the guy is using her for any reason, such as sex (she is not only attractive but easy) money (she has a job and plans to help him out with his bills) or for other reason (she hasn't told me everything). Now really this girl has given me a lot of grief and is REALLY immature, but its in my nature to not wish ill of others and to try to prevent people from getting hurt. She has gotten in trouble with this guy before and her parents tried to try him with stalking. She has been with this guy when trying to date me, when dating her ex, who used her, and while dating some girl she kept saying she was in love with.

She won't listen to me and I'm tired of trying to tell her to at least slow things down while she keeps insisting that I'm just saying this to get her back. I should just say forget her and push her out of my life but I know she is heading for some heartbreak so I feel like its my duty to stay by her and pick her up when all this comes crashing down.

Should I stay? or should I just forget about her? if I should just forget about her how do I do that?


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  • just forget about her. she's f***ing stupid for going for someone whose like 30 years older than her. she deserves to be used.

    let people do what they want. theyre only going to learn by going through it themselves.

    if its what she wants, let her have him. because you know she is going to just get used and be unhappy afterwards when she matures and sees that it was ridiculous. and that will embarass and get it through to her more than you telling her it is.

    listen to me, because itll work.

    • How can you say that? the only people who deserve to be used are those who want to. other then that your right she won't listen to reason so I guess she will have to learn this on her own. But she is losing everyone around her because of this guy and when he does hurt her she will be alone and I can't help but feel bad for her.

      but I guess there is nothing I can do to change this. In this world people must get hurt but it still doesn't make it any easier to watch

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  • Look, you've done what you can and if she chooses to continue her path. You aren't her brother or father and you're just going to have to let her make her life's choices.

    You've already pleaded your case and there's nothing left to be done. The more you get in between this, she's going to pass some of the failures due to your influence.

    It's not your responsibility, be there for her when you can but let her be.

    Let her go and focus on your life.