Can I text him and ask him to come over, can I ring him?

so, a guy I have known since year 2, who I have grown up around, lets call him bob, well bob teased me all through high school, did things such as when we were waiting for our bus he would pick me up, spray water at me, take my shoes and put them in a tree etc, he and I talked on and off for four years, sex texting and then talking. then one day we went all the way, it was perfect, and we started going out, we were together for a while till he got drunk and kissed a very ugly girl, he told me face to face the next day, we stayed together but I couldn't trust him and two weeks later he dumped me because I was freaking out with him seeing other girl-friends, then we didn't talk for ages, and one day he rang me and came over, we talked for hours then we did it, I didn't want to cause I felt like a root then a boot, but we did, see bob and I were very physical people in our relationship;), so what we did was nothing, then I didn't talk to him for a month and I brake down on the side of the rode with two horses on, he rang me as he drove past and asked did I need a hand etc, as he's a mechanic, I said no, but then later that night I rang him asked if he wanted to see me, he made up excuses and I said what ever catch you later, then about a hour later he texted me and we met up, we drove round together for ages and ages, like half the night,we ended up doing it again but before it, I told him I couldn't cope with him just leaving it I couldn't go through it again, and that why did he ring me, why did he decide to see me after he said no, he said he rang me so quickly when I broke down was because he was thinking about me and already had the phone in his hand to ring me, I said I can't do this unless you want me, unless there's a future, and that I know you will just leave me, he said I don't know that he kept saying you don't know that you don't know I don't love you, then I found out he has a girlfriend and that he already cheated on her, but that he didn't love her, he kept thinking about me, I said exactly you don't want me you have her, I'm not falling down hard again when you leave, he said he won't and a lot of other things, I got to him saying he would be here for me etc, then the next day he texted me, he kept talking to me but I asked him what he was doing on Wednesday night he said staying at a mates, I left it at that, but I need to see him, talk to him, can I text him and ask him to come over can I ring him?


thanks heaps,

sorry for the lifes story, all questions and answers appreciated!:)


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  • Ok, give Bob a call.

    Tell him you're sorry for being apprehensive but that it had to do with your issues and now you've solved them and are ready to act appropriate.


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