He didn't text me back?

OK so I have recently been talking to this guy and I asked for his number then he texted me to say we should catch up at this event we were both going to.

I texted back saying that we should and then he told me to look out for him

i couldn't find him but he later said he tried to call me to find me and I had texted him.

We talked for a while and he said he had thought we could get coffee (but that it was too difficult as our groups were too far away from the site),we did not get to talk for long though because my group was leaving- he seemed relatively interested?

Anyway, 2 days after I saw him (one day after the event ended) I texted him basically saying:

I enjoyed catching up with you at the event. It was really fun (talking about the event being fun). What about you?- sorry I couldn't talk for very long- I didn't want to lose the group I came with.

He hasn't replied! Did I make myself appear too needy? Why wouldn't he text back to this? Did he interpret the text wrongly? Did I come on too forward?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Nope sounds fine. In my opinion we always over think things. If you want to hang out, just give him a call one day and say "hey want to go to coffee or lunch?"


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What Guys Said 2

  • lol you're thinking too much. wait a day or so and call him.

  • Relax woman! Nothing wrong with text. :D


What Girls Said 1

  • No no! Relax! It's only been two days which might seem like forever to you!

    Furthermore, that was a very appropriate text and not too forward at all. There was nothing in the text that he could possibly misinterpret.


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