Girls do you ever kiss your boyfriend this way?

Put one hand on his cheek or behind his head and sort of pull him forward and then kiss him.

I love it how girls do this :D


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  • Sort of, but I'm sure lots of people do it. My version of this is if I'm kissing him sometimes Ill put my hand on the back of his head and run my fingers through his hair, just because I know he likes it with or without kissing. Double the fun maybe lol.

    • I would sure like it :D

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  • I like it best when they just lick the front of my face.

    • lol ooookay. You're a pretty horny 55 year old aren't you? I've seen you around here hahaha

    • Well, thanks for thinkin' so, but actually I'm originally from Alaska, and we don't have sex there. In fact, we have to fly in men from the mainland to have sex with our wives so they can have children. We just like havin' our faces licked because we're to lazy to wash 'em.

    • lol