Is my new boyfriend too good to be true?

My new boyfriend and I have been dating for about a month now. He asked me to his girlfriend not even in a week of dating each other. He also told me he loved me really early on. We are currently in a long-distance relationship because of the coronavirus but we talk and call each other every single day.
He tells me all the time about how much he "loves me" and that I'm "the girl of his dreams". He also jokes about marriage and having kids with me. He said that he talked about me to his family multiple times and that he is excited for me to meet them. He shows me off on social media and has also made a love playlist with me. Those are just some of the things lol

While all of this is amazing, I still feel skeptical about his intentions towards me. I haven't had the best luck with guys and have been heartbroken many times before. I hope he is different. Because of my past experiences with men, I still feel a bit cautious about giving my whole heart to him. I really like him but don't know if I truly love him yet.

I've had conversations with him about me being "cautious" being with him and he just reassures me that he "truly does love me a lot" and that he "wants to be the best man for me"

I'm really scared that he is too good to be true. Is it normal for me to be cautious about him?
Is my new boyfriend too good to be true?
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