He is searching to date others girls beside me, what to do?

Hi, i am dating this guy, but he is searching to date other girls, he try to kiss me and sometimes makes questions about sex, but I don't want to keep sharing with a person that is also flirting with another girl, I want to date someone to get to share and know better, to see if we can have a relationship, I think I would write an email to him, to let him know the things I want and my thoughts about him, I think the best is just to be a friend, cause I think he just looking for sex to have fun, and I am not like that...what do you think?


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  • Hey!

    Nice thinking good keeep it up

    Just tell him everything what is in your heart about him

    you will feel awesome...

  • If you don't want that, then you should stay away from him in my opinion, or he will just keep trying to get things from you.

    • Yup, I haven't give him anything yet, not even a kiss, I will tell him I will not date him more, just friends and no more..

    • Good for you!

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