Did I send the wrong message??!

I started talking to this guy at a party about a month ago (I had seen him around before and found him to be very attractive) and at the party he was talking to me all cool and we were joking around and stuff. At the end of the night he offered to walk me to my car but a friend of mine sort of **** blocked and he just asked he'd be seeing me around and I said yes. So I didn't see or hear from him for week till he found me and hit me up and asked me to hang out. So we did and nothing happened we just hung out like friends. Few days later he invited me over to watch a movie and we did and again nothing happened. The third time I went over to hang out again we kissed and he even apologized because maybe he wasn't supposed. The next day we hung out once again but this time we seriously made out. I'm really liking this guy right now and I don't know if I sent out the wrong message by making out with him so soon but I was just so caught up in the moment and now I feel like I might've messed up and he'll just see me as a fling! =(...What do you guys think!? Was it too soon? Did I send out the wrong message to him?!


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  • I think your pace is okay depending on what 'seriously made out' means. If you were losing articles of clothing, it may be a bit too quick. He may be wanting to take it slow and see what kind of relationship you two are going to have. If that is the case, you got yourself a keeper. Too many guys have the bedroom as the target with the checkered flag waving in the air. Remember to get to know each other and judge your relationship on this. Making out and kissing and snuggling are all good, but if you want this to be for the long haul, you are really going to need to get to know each other.

    Are you what most consider good looking? How is he? If you are real good looking, and he is, let's say, average, he may think you are a bit out of his league. Let him know that you like "him" and it is not just a physical attraction. I am betting the guy will treat you like royalty.

    • We weren't removing any type of clothing during the make out, and hardly any touching was going on it was maining touching of my face and waist nothing more. We have been getting to know each other and we text on a daily basis. He's the one that is usually asking if he can see me. He's always calling me beautiful and that he loves the fact I can make him laugh and he can be himself around me. He also says I have an amazing personality...

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    • Yeah we're taking it slow right now & I'm enjoying it. He's different from other guys I've met. =)...but thank you so much you give really great advice! =)

    • Thank you for saying so. I have read entries from my journal I have kept for 30 years. I don't like who I was as a teenage. If I can help somebody on here not make the same dumb mistakes I did, I will be happy. You have a good head on your shoulders. It also sounds like you have a keeper of guy. I hope he continues to treat you well and you do the same. Don't rush things.

  • I think you waited long enough if you two like each other. Fourth date making out is perfectly fine.


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