Why is he doing this? Is he not into me?

We have gone out few times alone already but I see him hanging out with another girl alone when a group of us are hanging out. I know they are good friends so I have tried to take that into consideration. But she is always asking to be alone with him and he would always go with her. If he likes her then why would he hang out with me outside of our group gatherings? I know he is not a player based on his personality. Then what gives?

I am starting to think that he really doesn't like me and like her instead. I think I'll back off from this and wish them well. There are more great guys out there I'm sure?


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  • wow...dating really is up to the man... man I feel sorry for people with a vagina.


    Lady look, men, k secretly there's a factor of

    "she likes me, I think I might like her"... Don't lie there's a smidget of salt in the fries for this factor on courting.

    Now you like him? OBVIOUSLY. Is there better guys out there? HELL YES...(cause there's me). Is he a player ... MAYBE... am I reading this question backwards HELL YES x2.

    K so where I see, is that this girl wants alone time with this guy to get some 1 up. Now is it him whose asking or her? LOL OMG, IT"S HER! THAT DEMANDING MUCHO GRANDE MUDSLIDE.

    Now when you guys are together is it him asking or you? I DONT KNOW CUZ YOU DIDN"T TELL ME...but either or...

    a) He asks you to hang 1 on 1 because he thinks your amazing

    b) you asked him to hang so your on fair ground

    Get his attention. Some guys miss what they could of had and it's a shame. And by attention I don't mean like the prostitues you see on 5th avenue I mean like

    Chick: YO SUP MAH NIGA

    guy: NM HO

    Chick: nig I want you

    guy: damn I love you

    and that's how I got my first gf...nah jk, but if it was that easy, I'd have bitches waiting in a line...JK! ...i'm hyper k.

    so don't think your chances on Manly Martin are over. It could be just overthinking. All I can say is be yourself, and see where the cards lie, you have a bigger chance than you think.

    Beyond that I like kittens.


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