Is a man shaving his face too X-rated?

This happened many years ago and I still wonder about it. So, love to get everyone take on this.

While getting ready for a family event with a girlfriend and her 2 children (girl, 9, boy 7), I was using their bathroom to get ready. After the shower, I got dressed to the point I had pants and socks on before opening the bathroom door to de-fog the mirror so I could shave.
I lathered up, and finished one cheek before both kids joined me in the bathroom to watch me finish shaving. Like all kids, the questions started about the shaving ("does it hurt? Ever cut yourself? why don't you bleed more from the blade?", etc.) It was the first time I really felt a connection with the kids and was happy I could share that moment with them.
Soon after the questions started, the mom was at the door and told the kids to "get away from him" and "To leave me alone". I told the girlfriend the were quite welcome to stay and they were not bothering me at all, (and it was also keeping them away from her to get ready as well).
My statement was returned with a look of resentment. I froze and did not say another word about it. Any time I brought it up to talk about was met with the same look and refusal to talk about it.

So, is there any reason kids should not watch a properly dress man shave his face?
Is a man shaving his face too X-rated?
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