A Sign He Wants to Kiss Me?

My friend always likes to drink after me , whenever he has a chance. Its weird, could this be a sign he wants to kiss? I know is seems outlandish but its just happened on more than one occasion..


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  • When one likes another, that person gets closer or finds ways to get closer physically and emotionally. What you need to search from google is the Indicators of Interest.

    If he is a dog, throw a stick or a bone, if he wants to belong to you he will make the chase. If you throw it far enough he will get lost. This is just me going metaphorical but hope you know what to do.


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  • No. Not about kiss. But it seems that he is OK to be close to you. That he like you.

    I don't think this is directly related to kissing, but there is chance that he would like it :D

  • Id kiss any girl with a few drinks in her :D *unless she was ugly/fat then eww*

    • hahah well, it is not even alcoholic drinks, it can be something as simple as a mountain dew. as soon as my mouth touches it, he suddenly wants it ( he may or may no put his lips on it though )

      but thanks :D

    • oh I see... then he probally likes you.. when I liked my best girl friend, if she drank anything id always go for a sip right after ;)

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