How to know a guy wants to kiss?

Question Says It All.. so what are the signs? As well, what if you are even unsure if he has feelings?


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  • Well OK you can assume a guy is horny right off the bat. So how to know if he wants to kiss, well he probably just does.

    And that will also confirm his feelings, if he isn't attracted to you it'll probably weird him out and you can move on.

    As for signs? You means looks, body language yadayadayada? Just don't clutter your head up with that sh*t. There are too many complex variable to ensure you're reading people correctly, so just go with your gut. If it feels right, it's right.


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  • If he's eyeing your lips, it's a good sign.


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  • Yes, he will be looking at your lips while your talking or when he is as well. And when he is leaning closer towards your weird huh? it actually happened to me.

    I hoped it helped...^_^