How do I choose which guy?

So the deal is, my brain tells me to choose one guy and my heart says another. The "brain" guy is super sweet and charming. We went to prom together and mite be hanging out soon. I kinda like him. The "heart" guy is funny and more outgoing. I like him more but he seems less like a relationship kind of guy. Also, he's somewhat dumber and has less potential in life. He's a bit more immature but has such a cute personality. by the way, I'm a senior in high school and so are they.


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  • eenie meanie minnee boo


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  • The only thing you can do is give it some real thought. Who could you picture yourself being happiest with in the long run?

    You could always make a comparison list to "weigh" things out between the two guys.

  • I personally would go for the "brain" guy. But ShootingStar5 is right. You should make a list and decide for yourself who would be best to go out with.