What should I do if my friend drunk called the boy I like?

so I met this cute guy and he gave me his number. we've been texting for awhile and it was going good.

but then one night I got drunk with my friends and my friend called him and said that me and him should have a thing and that I think he's really cute and all this obnoxious stuff. I think he was a little weirded out.

then in the morning I apologized and he said he wasn't pissed.

but then he didn't respond.

i think he might be creeped out because I don't know him that well. should I go on and pretend like it never happened?


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  • Just tell him it was a joke and say your sorry and just move on.. I don't see a big deal.. if I liked you.. id find it funny


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  • first of all, you're "under 18", so you really shouldn't have been drinking. why do you think that it's illegal, genius(sarcasm). anyway, you're lucky you didn't drive home drunk and get your head blown off in a car accident. just apoligize again, and pretend like nothing ever happened... hope everything goes well...