Good friendship, amazing first date then nothing. What happened?

There are so many details but I feel like they are vital. OK so, I've known this guy for about 7 months now - we actually met from a dating site. We talked a ton online many times since then and connected really well. I met him once in November which was nice and it took a while for us to see each other again but we did hangout again 2 nights ago. And I'll have to add that me and him stopped talking for 2 months in between due to our busy schedules and whatnot but when we started talking again we connected like we always did. The majority of our conversations consisted of us sending music to each other. Most of the songs he would send me had a lot to do with love, relationships, etc... like he was hinting at something.

Ok, back to the last time I saw him... It was more like an actual date this time around... we went to the movies, he paid and then I went to his house. We actually hung out from 11pm to 8am... we literally didn't sleep. We spent a lot of time watching movies, listening to our favorite music and hanging out with his brother talking about life. He was telling him how I was the girl version of him and his brother kept on saying we're soul mates. I felt like I was at home... it was odd how comfortable we felt around each other. We were being silly and all that... neither of us felt the need to tone it down. We ended up cuddling and made out... but we definitely didn't go all the way. I'm not like that.

Anyways... I've been on a ton of dates but never has a date been this great. His mom was totally cool with me being over and she made us breakfast. She talked to me like she's known me her entire life. I was supposed to leave a lot earlier but instead he was willing to stay up all night with me and just go straight to work after that. That gives me enough reason to assume that he actually really likes me and isn't playing games.

Well, by around 8 we had to go our separate ways because he had to go to work. I really didn't want to leave, plus I was tired and had a 1 hour drive ahead of me. Our goodbye was a little distant... we didn't hug or anything (it probably had a lot to do with our lack of sleep) That was 2 days ago and I haven't heard from him since... the only thing I did was send him a comment on facebook and I texted him "hey" today. I figured that wasn't smothering him or anything but I haven't gotten any responses which is unlike him. I can't possibly see why this is happening and maybe I'm overreacting because it's just been 2 days. I guess I'm just used to things going bad right when I think things are amazing. Maybe he's having second thoughts? What do you guys think?


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  • What end up happining?

    • Nothing. We haven't really talked since. I tried and his excuse was that he's been too busy. to talk. Whatever. :/

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