What's the best way to break up without being a b**** about it?

I've never had to break-up with anyone and I don't want to be a bitch about it. Any suggestions?


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  • Don't break up over text like my ex did, please have some respect and do it in person or at LEAST a phone call. Also, this is just me but I don't like it when girls do the whole, "you're a really nice guy and all...", just get to the point and be straight about it.


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  • No need to break up with drama or long explanations. I hate drama.

    The times I was fed up with a girlfriend (happened more than once) I just started seeing her less and as by miracle, some guy would come and talk her up. One of them came to me to tell it. The others just vanished.

    Only one asked me repeatedly (3 or 4 times) why. I did answer some generalities and she went away with some guy. I never knew who he was, not my business.

    No blood, no sweat, no tears, no drama.

    Of course, that's easier to do with 'hot' girls. A very important plus point for dating a 'hot' girl.

    Doing that with a 'plain' girl, I'd have some bad feelings about myself.

    Dumping hot girls is easier.

  • Stop being a coward and tell him its over... tell him face to face, not over text messages, the phone, or email. In the end your going to be the "bad guy". He will be hurt but he will get over it sooner or later.


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  • yah I just did for my first time Sunday and I really f*cked up...good luck tho. word of advice, however you do it, do not do it through texting or online.