Is it good that he wants to stay in and hang out with me instead of going out?

I am a reformed party girl, but still very social and have cut back on drinking and and MJ. Anyways, the guy I've been seeing for over a month always wants to stay in and watch a movie or cook dinner for me...this is good, right? I know he likes me and we're taking things slow, I'm just used to going out with the guy I'm dating.

Don't get we wrong we go to dinner and museums and parks but more often than not he wants to just watch a movie and hang out with me. He's different from other guys (read "other" as bad boys) that I'm used to dating...


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  • i think its good he wants to stay in with you, but that's my preference. Maybe go out every once in a while but not too much

  • He sounds like a great guy. I'm sure some women out there would appreciate what he has to offer. Maybe you aren't ready for him yet. Perhaps when you're 35ish you'll see the value.

    • I see the value in it otherwise I wouldn't keep seeing him. He is slightly older and shyer than I am which plays into it. I am the social butterfly and I think I need more friend/social hour than he does. I don't mind staying in I wasn't sure if he was uh, trying to hide me or just being lazy and not trying to win me over anymore. Just curious if there were any other reasons other than shyness and whatnot...

    • I think you've probably hit on it, you know him better than I do. I'm uncomfortable in that scene and wouldn't appreciate having to do those things in order to satisfy your need to be hyper social. I dunno.

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