When you tell a girl, "wish we could've pursued something." Dilemma; Crash Course in Guy Talk 101 Needed?

When you tell a girl, "wish we could've pursued something", please tell me that refers to dating? If not, what does it really mean?


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  • I believe he may mean that he wishes you and he could have dated and possibly had a relationship.

    • =) yay thanks!

      So, on my birthday, he said, come meet me in __ (neighborhood) and we"ll pop bottles birthday girl"... was he really inviting me over to his place and I just did not realize it?

      * This was said before the comment above was stated

    • I believe he may be expressing a desire to celebrate your birthday with you, though not necessarily at his house.

      And, I am happy to answer these, but if there's a lot, maybe it would be quicker to say them all?

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  • ya dating...and I think that's just regular talk, not guy talk


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  • Seems that way. If you do like him as more than just a friend than maybe you could ask him why you couldn't be more than friends and see what he says? he could be hinting that he wants to date you but is trying to get a reaction out of you first to see if you would be interested. Either that or his heart wants to be with you but his head says it wouldn't work out. Best way to know is to ask.

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