How do I get over that kiss?

Me and my ex split up 2 months ago, and he started seeing a girl, who used to be my mate... but they kissed.

He was completely honest with me about it, but I have doubts, because they spoke about being together, but it hurts so much.

i know I have no right to get angry, but its still in my mind!

We are gonna try again, but the girl who he was seeing hasn't taken it well, but I work with her, and it hurts knowing they had spoken about being together!


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  • This isn't about getting over a kiss, this is about taking the time to grieve the loss of your relationship.

    I have always been very careful of protecting an ex from any new dating activity I have had. I was married for 13 years and when we split up I met someone right away. Even though I no longer loved my ex, I never told him that AND I took great care to avoid putting it in his face that I had someone else in my life.

    Not sure the details, but your ex should never have been "completely honest" about something that would only make you feel like cr*p. When two people break-up either person can start dating right away, and sharing the gory details with an ex is hurtful, not helpful. You owe no honesty in that regard after a break-up. That makes it sound like you two are actually still together and he cheated.

    So, you are still suffering from your break-up and it could take months, maybe even longer, to get through the full range of emotions that come with a break-up, until you reach acceptance and truly disconnect from him. It takes time. Good luck!


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  • Look. Other people hace the same problem but with their partner had sex with somebody else. Oer even married somebody else. It hurts. But it is your decision weather you are going to stay in pity and being angry or you decide to get over it. I get it that it is hard. But it is your inner decision. Nobody is going to tell you anything to change it in you. Only you can. Fight with it. He is no longer yours ... find another. Again, I know that it is hard. But it just is this way.

    • But he wants to try again with me... cos I told him I was seeing another guy...

    • Oh. Then it's OK. Do not mind. Just, tell him what you feel and that you will have hard time to kiss him for a while until you trust him again. It is his fault! But try to get over it as soon as possible. Because, it is not good to keep that inside.

      maybe tell him to make something special for you to make it better. I don't think that when you will feel being loved you will have trouble getting over one kiss.

  • u have to get over it bcs it over by the way bot of uu


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