As an arab muslim woman is love worth giving up a comfortable life, family and money?

I'm Arab muslim. My family isn't very culturally or religiously strict. I grew up mostly in Europe but my family now lives in Abu Dhabi. I live and study in London where I've met and fallen in love with a non-arab non-muslim guy. We've been together for 5 months now.

My original plan was to move back to my family in the summer where I would get a good job. My family is well off and has a lot of good connections. It's not really acceptable to be together with someone from another culture. But of course it's not totally impossible. But after 5 months with someone it's too early to tell if you have a future together.

A guy a used to date, rich handsome good job approached me to date again for marriage but I rejected him because I love my current boyfriend. My problem is now. Is it stupid of me to stay an additional year in London for someone who I don't know if we have a future together or not? The problem is also that my family cares about class, social status, the family you come from and education. I personally don't agree with this way of thinking. But my boyfriend in addition to being christian and non-arab comes from a low class, low income family, not educated and doesn't really have a job you can live off. In his own words he describes himself as poor. But he's a great person and treats me well. I really do love him but I also know that love isn't everything and that we are still in the honey moon phase.

I know that if I chose to be with him it would hurt my mom a lot. She divorced my biological father, and this would make relatives talk badly about her and say this is the result of being a single mom, of not being to strict, allowing me to study abroad and basically live freely. Should I suffer and move back to my family or chose love?
As an arab muslim woman is love worth giving up a comfortable life, family and money?
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