Should I call him?

OK so my ex and I broke up 2 months ago, he was leaving for college and I was staying locally and we decided (more him than me) that we were going to break up while we were happy together and so we would be miserable not getting to see one another. We talked at first then didn't for about 3 weeks and then started talking again. he had told me he was trying to forget it ever happened because in his head it was easier that way. The last time we talked he was so nice to me and said he was worried about me (because I had been sick) and that he wanted me to call him just to talk because he really liked hearing from me(which he spent like 5 min trying to convince me of) then he told me he was busy but wanted to talk and that he would call back. he didn't call back but text me the next night and said he was sorry and got caught up in hw then said again he was going to call me if he got done with his paper. I haven't heard from him since that text, and I was wondering what all that could mean and if I should call him back? I need HELP!


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