She's been distant for days, advice?

So I've been talking to this girl via text messages for a few weeks now and for like 10 days straight she would always text me each morning saying good morning. Well I haven't heard from her since Sunday night, I'm guessing she's waiting for me to text first but I haven't.

So in general is she dying for me to text her because I haven't done so. By rule will she give in or just write me off. Has she already, let me know what you would be thinking ladies, thanks


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  • I really think you should texts her saying good morning because girls ALWAYS love a guy to text them first even more in the morning it makes them think you have woken up thinking about them and a little thing like that means so much for a girl it makes us feel wanted

    she has not text you thinking you don't like her no more because she has to make the first move . When you text her call her beautiful make her fell as if she is something special


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  • At this point if she has been initiating all this and you never do then she definitely thinks you are not interested...So is probably just trying to move on now. If you like her then stop playing games and text her when you want to talk to her don't just wait around for her to text you

  • I say just go for it and text her. I don't think she could've written you off that quickly. Girls are usually more thoughtful so when a guy makes the first move to text something sweet or something that makes us feel that you were thinking about us or missed us, then that's a big plus.

    Mind games may be fun but in the long run, girls appreciate sincerity and affection. Just text her if you really want to. Screw the "rules".

  • are you serious? TEXT HER.


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