Can You Give Me Some Online Dating Help?

I'm 16. I met a really nick guy online. But there are 2 problems. He is 23 and thinks I'm 18. What should I do? Should I tell him, keep up the lie? Help!

I wanted to date him. His profile said 18 (not to far from 16 so no worries). But apparently it was nvr updated so he is actually. Mine said 18 because of an error on their behalf. But I nvr corrected it because I really like him but like I said, he's 23. That's a 7 year difference. :/


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  • Chances are, he's not really 23.

    He'll also be a rape enthusiast so I suggest drop it, and get a guy through real life where you can see someone for who they are.


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  • he has the right to no your real age because he will want to meet up with you in the end . can be VERY careful meeting guys online not all turn out to be as nice as they make out to be ( Iam talking as someone from exprences ) all the best x

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