What if you change your mind when dating?

So guys, let's say you start dating girl and you decide you're better off as friends- do you continue to ask her to hang out? Do you cut off contact? Do you clarify? I'm curious to signs guys do when they friend-zone girls they once thought of as potentials...


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  • Well, it depends on the girl. If she is acting awkwardly towards me, then I will give her sometime to adjust. If she is being cool and fun, then yes I'll hang out with her.

    Hmm, if I was interested in a girl I might have called her, text her, spend more time with her. Then I figure out that she is a ditz head or some sort of deal breaker, then obviously I won't be doing those things as much.

    No I will never cut off contact. That is just being immature and stupid. I will not clarify. Why should I?


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