Who was the rebound girl?

We dated for 3 years and lived together. Broke up a year ago. He started dating someone 9 months ago. They've broken up more times than I can count. 5 months ago, we tried being friends, fell in love, he asked me out, I said no, he left me for her. A month goes by of no contact. He comes crawling back 3 months ago, begging me to marry him, move in with him, etc. for 2 months. I started to believe him but said no and that I felt nothing for him since he hurt me too much. He sounded miserable and I found out he was still seeing her, but casually. Last month, I went on his facebook and found out they were in a relationship. I called him out, told her (again) what he was trying to do, got in a huge fight, and he's now blocked me for a month and we haven't interacted and probably never will again. I don't know if they're still together, too painful to find out.

Was he using me as a rebound from her or her from me? Did he ever want me back? I'm confused as to who was the rebound.


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  • your clearly not the rebound... I don't no what he was doing my goof of a ex did the same thing to me