I love him, we finally share, and we kissed. Next day he acts like nothing happend!?

I learned to move on, get over the break-up with my last boyfriend, after a while Brad become my best friend, we would always talk, we tell jokes, and we used to go out for lunch together. We would do the whole boyfriend-girlfriend type of relationship, except we never kissed, or said "I love you". Brad would always hug me, throw playful objects at me in class as a joke (water, small eraswer, he never throw something that would hurt.) We got comterble with each other, become reallyclose friends. So yesterday , Brad decided to sit next to me, we talked and he hugs me. After class, he tells me he loves me, and he asks me out. I said yes, and after school he took me to his house to play video games, (since we lived so close) . I said sure, we played video games for like an hour, then he asked me, "how long have you had a crush on me, and tell me the thruth." I amswered him I "four years" after that he told me he loved me and he kissed me. We talked and he told me how he always like me, and he can't belive hegot the courage to tell me after this year. He also told me he trusted me. Also that he can't wait to see me again.etc.

The next day, he ignores me and well didn't talk to me at all. I don't know what to think, he likes me, is he playing me? I love him, but sometimes he just doesn't show he would really like me.


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  • Afer four years this guy is either gay, scarred by a previous relationship, or frightened of an intimate relationship...something proably not easily curable. I

    i'd forget this happened, just as he is doing and continue being friends. He'll tell yoou probably what is going on the next time you talk. Be prepared for bad news. Also he could have a woman he hasn't told you about.


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  • Awwe howw cute...idk if its true but one of my close guy friends said sometimes guys do that cause they wanna feel important and want you too pay attention to them