Is my first impression bad?

I don't look manly but I tend to be tomboyish. I'm sarcastic with out meaning to be. I can take care of myself and know who I am and what I want. People think I always looked pissed but I'm not. Is that really a huge turn off? I really don't try for this is just comes natural.


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  • ppl used 2 tel me that I hv a very serious look.but when I do talk and joke arnd that put them at they cm up front abr it saying that my seriousness scared them a bit.they didn't know what z ok and not ok 2 talk abt:)

    so I started training myself everyday infront of a mirror.face impressions.till it cms naturaly

    i think you should do that.try works:)

    n ya it z a turn off.ppl don't like 2 be around angry and pissed that's just human nature we like 2 be happy and laugh and joke .otherwise people wl avoid being wth u.unless they really get 2 know the real u.

    4 me after realizing how the 1st impression I gv 2 people affect them bein arnd me I started telling every new person I meet abt myself as in " I know I gv people the wrong impression abt me being uptight and so serious but am notactually am so easygoing .wth the flow" that's when it became easier 4 people 2 get over how I look .n those excersises infront the mirror also helped:)

  • Honey, I wonder the same thing. When you find the answer your looking for let me know ;)

    My boyfriend always complains that I always look pissed off and he's never sure what kind of mood I'm in. I'd like to know if it turns him off as well.

    And I'm severely sarcastic with a childish edge. I think it depends on the guy, some like it, some don't. But from experience, try and flash a little edge of mysterious feminism and kind of train yourself to be able to handle a position with a potential date.

    So pretty much, try to balance out turn-offs with turn-ons.

    No one's perfect and we all have good and bad qualities: sexually, physically, socially, and so on and so forth. Part of growing up is learning to make adjustments; but still making yourself absolutely happy with yourself.