Did the joke have a meaning about me in it? Read between the lines

so this guy I'm talking to. We have hooked up and we both know we like each other so its just the waiting for him to ask me to be his girlfriend part since we have done so much together already. Anyway we talk numerouse times throught the day for hours at time eventho it is through text messages still. We were talking one night after he had invited me to go out to the batting cages with him and his guy freinds. He had to tell me that it was just a guys night. Later that night I asked how it went and we call it a bromance. We both were just playing around with each other saying that him and his guy friend dated and such. He had said they broke up but he met someone else and its deffinatly love that they can talk for 7 hours at a time and still at the end of the day they can still have 7 hours of stuff to talk about. I was thinking mahybe that part was about me since we bother talk for hours at a time. The whole bromance thing was a big joke but when he was talking about the talking for 7 hours part he really went into details. Could he have been tallking about me? I had also written back that he is such a great guy anyone would be lucky to have you.I over think things but for some reason I thought it was about me. Can anyone help me what does it sound like. Someone who talks about a joke like that shouldn't go into too much details with that stuff. I'm just confused if it was about me or not


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  • lol well considering a day has 24 hours in it. I think there aren't that many other girls he could have been talking to for 7 hours straight.

    I mean he's already talking to you, so if he's taliking to someone else too, that makes 2 girls which is already 14 hours and that leaves him 6 hours of sleep and no time to eat. Has he been looking tired and hungry lately?

    • lol no he hasn't and its all throught the day that we talk

    • Well then you have your answer :)

    • :)

  • Definitely about you. He was being really vague talking about "someone." If he was talking about someone else he would have been more specific.

    He's dropping massive hint and flirting but obviously isn't ready to ask you out yet. You should probably give back an equally massive hint just to reassure him that the feeling is mutual. Maybe you could find a way to bring up the guy, or "someone," you spend hours talking to. ;)

    • well when we were texting each other that night like I had said.I said that whoever this person was he was sure lucky to have found a guy as great as you are. That they would be lucky to be with them. I was trying to do the same but I don't know if it worked.We flirt so much through texts it unbelievable. I told him he should come over after work on a Friday night and he did maybe I should do it again and drop hints? I wish he was ready to ask me out we been through a lot already lol. what should I do?

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