How do you tell your family you're dating someone they hate?

I have been dating this guy for a couple weeks we have been friends for years. My family hates him they think he is a deadbeat. I really like him and there opinion doesn't matter to me but he wants me to come clean to them about us because I keep lying to them about where I am. Should I even tell them I know what they are going to say. or how do I tell them? What to do...


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  • Ok. Although your family may not approve, this guy is right. You do need to tell them if not to let them know what is going on in your life, but to prevent any strain on the relationship you are trying to develop. But on the flip side, seeing as it has only been a few weeks, I think you still have time to decide how you want to approach this situation. You don't want to upset ma and pa too prematurely, if you know what I mean.

    To get to your question: How should you tell them? I would tell the person in your family that has some sort of soft spot. For example, if your dad had struggles as a youth, he may be more sympathetic to this boy. Once you tell this person and they at some point become semi accepting, you can "buddy up" and then break it to the rest of your family. It may be easier for them to accept since you've somehow "converted one of their own."

  • Before I give my opinion or any advice, I would need to know more information. Are you close to your family? What makes him a "deadbeat"? Is there a large age difference?

    • i am very close with my family I see them usually 4 times a week. and he has never graduated high school and changes his job and living situation alot. we are the same age.