Being forward with a girl?

Hey, I am kinda seeing this girl atm, I don't know if its just hanging out or dating but, Because we don't do anything sexual really, but it IS one on one... She knows I'm interested though I'm pretty sure...

Anyway.. Should I just be forward with her and ask her if this is going to go anywhere but friends? Or will that just kill any potential for more than friends? Thanks


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  • This is like the age-old question - and for a reason! It's really hard to answer.

    You need to decide firstly that if you DO speak up and ask, you are able to sacrifice your friendship should it backfire.

    After you've come to terms with whatever you've decided, I'd suggest some gentle hinting. Like next time you make plans to hang out say something like "alright, it's a date!". And if you're doing something like movies or drinks, pay for her and if she protests then say how you never let a girl pay on a date. Basically I'd suggest just subtly using the word date and see how she reacts. Say it sort of playfully so there's not awkwardness if she corrects you and asks you not to use the word.

    Once you've got a good gauge of what's going on with you two, then go ahead and ask.


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  • Hell, I say ask her. I just missed my shot with a aguy that I was crazy about because I was to thinking about things way to much, all the hints or flirting he was droping... yha I wouldn't beleive he liked me because he wasn't being forward atall and I missed my shot because of it... Its to late now and its one of the biggest regrets. So if you really like this girl, tell her. be blunt. Lol

  • Well You Can Be Straight Forward With Her Because Most Girls Likes The Guy To Be Straight Forward (like me) With Them So What Ever You Wanna Ask Her Be Straight For Ward But Be Kind Of Course Because If You Say It All Rude The Chick Might Think You A Total Jerk ( which is not good ) and If Its Something Sexual(; Than Say It In A Flirty Way And Smile (: Chicks Dig That. Hopefully I Helped^_^


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