Would this be too soon?

So today me and this girl whom I am very interested in went and had breakfast together after school (I believe it to be a date, I payed and she told me she had a good experience, she had never been before) and as mentioned we both had a good time, talking and just chit chatting about family and such.

We're both 19 and freshy's in college, I don't know how it would end up but I would like to see this out, anyways to the point today was the day we went and had breakfast, now at the end we said our goodbyes and exchanged a small hug, and told each other we would see each other Monday in class again, so my question is this:

Should I give her a text saying something about this morning or just seeing how the rest of her day went or play it cool and just wait till Monday to see her? I'm just trying to be cautious on this one :)


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  • Text her something relative to a conversation you guys had during the meal. if you guys hit it off well, then she'll be expecting the txt. I had the same exact event like a month ago,...your story brought back lovelyy memories :)


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