I am sick of waiting for him, I just know and tell myself he's not gonna call or sh*t?

i still very much so miss him want to be I feel like he's waiting for me to call but that's just f***ing me ugh..i wanna move on but its so hard without saying something to me..well he did text me 2 weeks ago and I said some sh*t..ugh help


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  • Sorry iw ould help but your question is incoherent. Not enough info.

    • Theres a lot of question and story but noo I just wanna know why he's not talking to me and its been killing me for the longest time I feel like he's waiting for me to call him or sh*t , and just a lot of things are running in my head like he's over me got another girl or he just stopped randomly talking to me again.I don't know I still want him but its just keeps pulling me back..And he has no idea how much sh*t I been through thinking about him.

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    • you know thanks for listening but really I just can't do it... rellly cant

    • well then all I can say is play the waiting game and let the torment of not knowing hit you hard, you will find out eventually what's going on.

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