Why can't I click with any guys?

I'm finding it hard to connect with any guy, I've had a few interests but when I kiss them I don't feel anything or think about them afterward, what's going on? Is there anybody else who feels likes this?

P.S I'm definately not attracted to girls

When I say "click" I mean fall for a guy!


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  • I think sometimes people expect too much from so little. A lot of girls grow up to think that kissing is going to be incredibly intimate and sensual and special - when, really, sometimes, it is just playing tonsil tennis with some guy.

    Things don't happen with the click of a finger.

    I mean - you can have a good kiss and still not suddenly feel overwhelmed with a sense of belonging or something.

    There's nothing wrong with wanting something good or special, but I think you've also got to be willing to work for it - sometimes a 'click' might not happen straight away, or from the first kiss as hollywood would have us all believe - but it doesn't mean that you couldn't build something with a guy.

    At the same time - you might have this amazing physical chemistry with someone, but when it gets down to the nitty gritty of it all - that's all there is.

    You're growing up, things are less new, less interesting - and you begin to realize that sometimes a kiss is just a kiss - it might not blow you away, but it doesn't mean you and the guy don't stand a chance. It's not the be all and end all of everything.

    • When I talk about "click" I mean I find it hard to fall for them.. I'm not taking about straight away but even a couple of weeks into to it I tend to lose interest :(

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    • yes I agree with that. but at least after six months you should feel excited and happy about that person and at least think about where the relationship is heading, not just lose interest in the person, this is what is happening to me :(

    • 3 years as a teen isn't a strong basis particularly because as you mature everyone changes.

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  • In all honesty it takes about thirty years to develop some reasonable fascimile of a healthy human soul. So until then it's just an empty and vacuous existence. At least it kinda was for me.

    • re update: falling for someone is not really permissible anymore. You've gotta make it on your own nowadays.

  • This would make more sense if we had an actual number of people. If you've been with 2 it's a little different than 20 or 200. Also, you watch too many Disney movies.

    • there has being three.. I have a great time with them, but you know how you feel yourself about them. I was fine when I was a teenager but now its different, I don't know what it is. I don't watch disney movies lol

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    • Ok, I will start with that. Thanks for all your help :) :)

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